Structural Alterations

Renovation projects often require new openings in masonry walls to accommodate new floor plans.

These openings may require special techniques due to the size, shape, and complexity of existing supporting structures. Precision has completed numerous variations of these types of projects in a safe and professional manner. We provide limit cuts, temporary shoring, and/or final finishes for both small and large openings as our customers have desired.

Cut and Remove Services

  • Concrete Channeling
  • Masonry Window Openings
  • Garage Door Openings
  • Dock Leveler Cutouts
  • Doorways (Pedestrian)
  • MEP Slab Removal
  • Interior Excavation

Replacement Services

  • Slab on Grade and Formed Concrete
  • Lintel installation
  • Masonry Infill
  • Backfilling / Compaction
  • Interior and Exterior Doors

Sample Structural Alteration Projects

Cut and Remove Services

At the new Key Bank facility located at the historic Higbee building ProCut was contracted to perform channel cutting in floor slabs for the electrical and tela-data lines. We performed over 2,600 linear feet of removal. Sizes ranged from 4" wide to 16" wide and to a depth of 6".

Many areas had network and communications equipment on floor below the work areas that were extremely sensitive to water. These areas had to be "dry" cut and removed. We set up negative air containments on the working floor and also provided protection on the floors below.


A client of ProCut had contacted us in to install (2) new overhead doors in his warehouse. The building was masonry construction consisting of brick and block. ProCut proceeded to needle beam and shore the wall above the new opening. After saw cutting and removal of the brick and block we installed the lintels, masonry and steel jambs. All of the this work was completed by just one call.

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