Fume & Dust Free Concrete Sawing & Drilling

Precision ProCut has developed specialized equipment and utilizes methods learned from our environmental experiences to minimize fumes and dust.

Equipment developed to minimize carbon monoxide emissions include electrically powered floor saws, wall saws, and core drills. For the removal of concrete and trenching we have an electrically powered hydraulic backhoe. And for demolition and material handling where full mobility is required we utilize propane powered skid steers and forklifts.

We have also created negative pressure full containment work areas for projects occurring in an occupied facility. Temporary, framed, poly covered walls are constructed floor to ceiling with our available carpenter crafts. Ingress, egress and material handling are accessed through air chambers without allowing dust to escape into surrounding areas.

Air filtration devices (AFD) are uses to filter work space air, HEPA filter and exhaust it remotely through a specially created duct. Perimeter air samples can be taken to insure and document the quality of an outside the work area.

We have successfully worked in various occupied facilities implanting the described activities hospitals, office buildings, educational facilities and retail outlets have at various time required work of this nature. Precision ProCut has demonstrated numerous times we can satisfy these owner requirements.


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