Our People Set Us Apart

For over fifteen years, Precision ProCut has established a team of experienced personnel that are the best in the industry.

The DiGeronimo family has been in the construction business since 1940. Their experience has guided the organization in a tradition of quality construction.

Strength in Management

We have always believed in attracting and paying the best people in the industry to do their jobs and providing them with the best equipment and resources to produce the best for our clients.

Precision ProCut has been developed in the same manner. And we are proud of the reputation our team has earned for furthering the core values of our family.

Investing in the Next Generation

To ensure a tradition of quality construction in our future workforce, we continually look to attract the best of the young construction talent for all facets of the company. These enthusiastic novices are teamed with our various experienced leaders to gain valuable work experience.

We contribute over $30,000 annually to union training programs that continually provide new and updated skills to their members. In addition to our own company growth, we support the future of the industry through our participation in various industry programs and college advisory boards to promote construction education to the general population. We also sponsor an annual AGC Scholarship Award called the Sam DiGeronimo Founders Award. We participate annually in the "Contractor For A Day Program", founded by Rich DiGeronimo and sponsored by the Ohio Contractors Association, The Construction Employers' Association, and the American Institute of Construction.

“The success of our company is directly related to our quality people. Anyone can purchase equipment and bid on projects, but our employees are responsible for our continuing success and growth."

Victor DiGeronimo, Sr.
Precision ProCut
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