Financial Stability for Long-term Growth

At Precision ProCut, we use our financial resources to put us in a position that ensures long-term stability and profitable growth.

Banking on Long-Term Relationships with Key Partners

We have a long tradition at Precision ProCut of valuing relationships with our key partners. Since 1995, we have primarily banked with National City Corporation, now PNC, and utilized the law practices of Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP and Frantz Ward LLP for legal guidance. Our unique insurance requirements have been guided by Paul Brickenden since our first day in business. Now his team at The Evarts-Tremaine-Flicker Company, working with The Fedeli Group and W.R. Berkley, an A rated carrier, has allowed us to provide the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry including environmental where needed.

Our bonding partnerships have been managed by Bob Weaver of Jackson, Dieken and Associates provided by Great American Insurance Company, an A rated carrier, for over 15 years.

Our accounting financial data has been audited since 2005 by Chuck Ciuni, Brian Marita, and John Troyer of Ciuni & Panichi CPAs. Further information is available on request.

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